Mediatree’s B Corp Month Round Up

28th March 2024

What a month it has been! March was always going to be a big month at Mediatree with our 26th anniversary falling in B Corp month. There was significant cause for celebration. And celebrate we did and in amongst the festivities we also found some pockets of time for reflection and to put plans in place for they year ahead. Below we’ve laid out the key highlights as well as some things to look forward to and our main takeaways from a month of focusing on purpose and using our business as a force for good.



Below is a non-exhaustive list showing some of the things that we somehow managed to cram into what was already a very busy March for the Mediatree team:

  • Kick off session at the start of the month with the whole team in person
  • Wine tasting at Humble Grape to celebrate B Corp Month and our 26th Anniversary
  • A Townhall dedicated to B Corp with some time set aside for structured reflection
  • Attended multiple B Hive network online events and webinars
  • Our first in person meetings with Klimate who specialise in carbon removal
  • Shared documents internally to help with general team wellbeing
  • A virtual call with our former Sustainability and Carbon Manager, Christopher Zheng, to talk about the B Corp certification process that he played a pivotal role in when he was still at Mediatree


What’s Next?

The goal has always been to use B Corp month as a springboard to launch us into the rest of 2024 with renewed levels of excitement and engagement internally that will allow us to maximise the positive impacts of our business moving forwards.

One of the ways we are doing this is through our inaugural “Sustainability Pioneer of the Year” competition. This involves a series of challenges over the coming months and whichever team member performs the best across all of them will be crowned the champion in December.

Watch this space for updates on the competition and other key moments as we continue our B Corp journey.


Closing Thoughts

It has been an engaging and inspiring month but that was the easy part, the hard work resumes as we look to sustain this momentum and harness it in a way that allows our business to grow in a way that positively impacts our team, our community, our society, and our planet.

One of the main takeaways from our session with Chris was around the importance of buy in and support from the whole team when you begin your B Corp process. That buy in and support has never been stronger and that stands us in good stead for the year ahead and beyond.