What is a GreenerRoadshow™?

Mitigate, Avoid, Offset

A GreenerRoadshow™ is a financial roadshow or event (Investor Day, CMD, Results Presentation, ESG conference, Leadership Event etc.) in which we team up with our client to mitigate the negative externalities of the Investor Relations (IR) activity as much as possible and then offset the unavoidable damaging impact that IR activities have on the environment.

In short, GreenerRoadshows™ is a solution to the negative environmental impacts of IR. In 2021, the GreenerRoadshows™ methodology was verified by Carbon Footprint, an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This proves that our sustainability reporting is reliable, and accurate and provides an opportunity to certify IR events as PAS2060 Carbon Neutral.

The GreenerRoadshows™ Story

Conceptualised in 2016, GreenerRoadshows™ is a division of Mediatree – a leading financial roadshow and events agency that provides logistical, technical and communication support to financial institutions and corporate clients. GreenerRoadshows is a sustainability-focused end-to-end service offering corporates the opportunity to align their Investor Relations and communication activities with their internal ESG framework and current legislation by limiting the impact of their CO2 emissions and investing in Net Zero. 

Since its establishment in 1998, the team at Mediatree have become acutely aware that their responsibilities extend far beyond providing seamless Investor Relations solutions to clients and that everyone in our industry has a duty of care towards the environment.

Investor Relations unites people: corporate managers and executives, investors and bankers. Typically, long-haul flights, car transfers, accommodation, and printing are part and parcel of these activities, and therefore a large carbon footprint is an unintended and environmentally damaging consequence of IR activities such as financial roadshows and events. While it may be impossible to eliminate a carbon footprint, it is still possible to mitigate and reduce its impact. That’s why the teams are strongly motivated and committed to minimizing these adverse effects on the environment through GreenerRoadshows™ and are proud to be pioneers in the IR space by offering this service.


GreenerRoadshows™ is born whilst on the road with a longstanding client.


Onboarded our first clients and refined our carbon calculation tool.


Partnered with Carbon Footprint to ensure 3rd party auditing and compliance.


Brought in key sustainability hires to grow the service and further consolidate the offering.


Used the pandemic as a catalyst to introduce hybrid and virtual solutions and updated the GreenerRoadshows™ service to accommodate this shift.


Introduced an opt-out policy with GreenerRoadshows™ making it the standard rather than an exception


Mediatree became a certified BCorp thanks in part to pioneering and growing GreenerRoadshows™ and pushing the sustainability movement


Increased exposure in Spain and Italy through key events at the BME and AIR as well as a waste management partnership with Italian climate tech startup, ReLearn.

The GreenerRoadshows™ mission

Our mission is to flawlessly deliver physical, hybrid and virtual events and roadshows, as well as other investor communication services, sustainably. We achieve this by teaming up with our clients and our ethically assessed supply chain to mitigate and offset the negative externalities of their IR activity.